Effortlessly maintain your land with the BeaverTech excavator shredder. Its ultra-robust design and light weight make the DEBBROY30 the ultimate shredder for excavators ranging from 2.7t to 12t. With its 20hp Honda engine, the hassle of wondering if your excavator has the correct oil flow rate is over. With its own gasoline engine, you will have power equivalent to the hydraulic force of an 8t excavator. The construction of the funnel frame allows the different types of trees to easily enter the machine for optimal cutting quality. Use this machine to shred trees up to 6”1/2 in diameter, with a cutting width of 30”. With the folding door design, you can easily remove branches from your trees without worrying about overflow at the trunk. The shredder teeth are reversible and have a total life of 300 hours. It has two safety skis to prevent the rotating barrel from touching the ground. Its robust serrated counter-blade ensures incomparable shredding quality. You can also easily change excavators thanks to the bolted attachment system. The wireless remote control allows you to quickly stop the shredder directly from the cab.

As always, BeaverTech innovates with the only high-performance shredder for mini-excavators on the market, striving to offer a reliable and robust product to help you manage the forested areas on your land.

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